I didn’t really find my place in the world before. I felt the need to be seen more, to be more visible. As nowadays we are excepted to be normal , to fit in, people do not even try to make more out of themselves by putting on clothes in which they feel well. It is because of their fear of reaction and negligence. I believe it is essential to get to know ourselves, who we really are, to express our personality by the way we dress.

When it comes to me, this self-expression has been manifesting by my outfits for years. It is important that people admire my look any time they see me walking down the streets. In my opinion style is extremely important, although it is clearly true that the inside is what truly matters. Only a blind man can be cheated by the first impression of someone’s look before experiencing the soul behind the skin…

That’s why I think it is necessary for people not to become a mass production and clones of each other, beacuse deeper treasures are hidden inside of an individual than just being ”normal”, even if it is extreme.

In 2012 I had the chance to spend my summer in Key West, Florida with my brother, who is an artist, a painter. He’s encouraged me to take my interest of fashion design seriously. During these 2 months, I learned sewing from ”Sushi”,a famous Drag Queen, who creates amazing costumes and dresses for herself and for other great artists, while she is actively participating in the NY fashion week’s backstage community.

Before I went to the USA I only gave my own clothes a new form, to make them more unique. After my American trip and studies, I was sitting at my desk in class at school, I found myself drawing  extreme designs of new dresses into my exercise book instead of being present and paying attention.

Soon I made my first collection called ”Frst Cllctn” inspired by my experiences overseas, my dreams and the future. The images of my collection were part of my portfolio for my tests and exams to different universities. Teachers, professors and well known designers, who have already seen my images, either hated or loved them, and made me understand that no one can walk by without any feelings.
Well, that was exactly what I aimed for.

I’d rather call my designing style extreme and abstract. Alexander McQueen’s and Iris Herpen’s work had the biggest influence on me and my creations. But the paintings of Bosch and Dalí, the visual world created by H. R. Giger and Ridley Scott also helped me to find my voice as a creator.

From 2018, I am the Costume Designer at the Capital Circus of Budapest, Hungary.